KRISHIHUB – sell your agricultural products directly to companies

The KRISHIHUB is an online marketplace for agricultural products. It is a place where people can come and sell their grain, maize, bee, and other agricultural crops. It also has a section for buying these things. People can use smartphones to buy these products from the KRISHIHUB’s website or from an application on their phone.

KRISHIHUB provides you with the opportunity to generate income by selling your agriculture products at a fairly competitive price than what you would have got in the market.

KRISHIHUB is an online agricultural market based in India. It allows farmers to sell their product directly to companies without any middlemen.

KRISHIHUB is a good example of the emerging gig economies where the production process is increasingly being decentralised. The company has a lot of potentials because they are facilitating the distribution of agricultural products at a scale that was not possible before, using digital technology.

KRISHIHUB is a platform for the sale of agricultural produce. The KRISHIHUB platform is equipped with features such as a search engine for buyers, an option for sellers to upload their offers on the website and share information about their products via social media, and a personalized dashboard for sellers to manage all their orders.

KRISHIHUB’s services are available in India only. It has expedited the agricultural supply chain from one-to-many and created new avenues of employment in rural India by allowing farmers to sell directly to factories or retailers without using any intermediary.

KRISHIHUB is an online platform for Indian farmers to sell their products. They can access the KRISHIHUB portal from anywhere and list the agricultural products they have for sale.

KRISHIHUB has partnered with companies such as Walmart, Nestle, PepsiCo, Hindustan Unilever, ITC and others for providing farmers a reliable market and a chance to earn more income. Farmers get their produce at an agreed price before they actually begin cultivation which removes their risk of not getting compensated if they were to cultivate the crops.

The KRISHIHUB is a platform that helps farmers sell their agricultural products directly to companies.

This market is a place where buyers and sellers meet online and through mobile apps. It is an online platform for the sale of agricultural products – grains, maize, beans, bee, crops and more. The KRISHIHUB hopes to create a digital trading platform for agriculture commodities in India by establishing an ecosystem of producers, traders, aggregators and consumers.

KRISHIHUB’s vision is to make the customer experience hassle-free by providing Trade Assurance Guarantees. These guarantees cover quality assurance standards that are required by various industries such as bakery, food processing units etc., providing a win-win situation for both buyers and sellers.

Farmers need to take care of their crops and make sure they are ready for harvesting in a timely manner. In order to do so, they need new methods that will not only allow them to achieve better crop yields but also help them connect with buyers in a more efficient way.

With KRISHIHUB’s platform, farmers can sell their agricultural products directly to companies. The platform does not require farming equipment or a land size as small as an acre for the farmer to use it. KRISHIHUB is designed for farmers who grow crops on a smaller scale and have fewer resources than the average farm.