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Agricultural sector contributes to nearly 20% of the GDP in Ethiopia.

We are committed to provide easy access to quality and affordable agricultural products for all rural farmers in Ethiopia.

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Showing the potential for growth in the agricultural industry, many people are turning to agricultural trading for their livelihood. India is one of the leading producers of agricultural products in the world. However, with a fragmented market and slow procurement process, it has become difficult for farmers to sell their produce at higher prices.

Online platforms are a great way to take care of this problem. These platforms have helped cut down on costs and deal with issues like theft and wastage that plague many traditional markets. An early winner has been e-commerce giant Amazon and its subsidiary AmazonFresh which was launched in 2007 as an online grocery shopping service.

However, India’s online consumers have not warmed up to these platforms yet due to various reasons like lack of trust and high delivery rates, which is why they.

We are a new agro-commerce start-up in Kenya that sells agricultural crops such as maize, rice, and beans. We have noticed that we can sell more of our farm produce through an online store because there are many who cannot access the market otherwise. We are looking for partners to help us scale our business by selling our produce to the global market.

The Agricultural Marketing Corporation of Nigeria (AMCON) has come up with a solution to unlock the high value chain of agricultural produce. They are doing this by connecting farmers to buyers and buyers to sellers through an online marketplace platform, which will allow them to trade at all levels of the agricultural chain. This is possible with the help of technology in order to leapfrog existing market structures that have inhibited development and progress in agriculture. The AMCON’s online marketplace will make selling farm produce very easy, as it is like using any other e-commerce platform. Farmers can now access a large number of markets for their farm produce, thereby increasing sales and incomes from agriculture. With this, food security will be achieved through increased production and consumption in Nigeria.

-Storage of grains like rice, wheat, maize, barley, oats etc. -Organizing delivery of grains domestically or internationally for our customers -Accurate monitoring of stocks in order to keep up with demand as well as to anticipate shortages

Farmers are finding it increasingly difficult to get buyers for their produce. This is because of the inflated prices in the market. There is a gap in demand and supply which can be solved by an online store that allows farmers to sell their produce to people in their community at a reasonable price.

Grain and maize are some of the most important agricultural products in Bangladesh.

They are essential to the country’s food supply, its economy, and its culture.

The majority of the population in Bangladesh relies on agriculture as their livelihood.

Agriculture is also a major contributor to Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

Farm produces are vital for the country’s economy and its people’s livelihoods.

So what can be done to sell more farm produce?

The best strategy for a farming business is to sell the produce online.

Online stores don’t rely on a physical location or sales space, so they can often offer lower-cost goods than traditional stores or farmers’ markets, which require rents and utilities.

Agriculture is a vital part of the economy in many countries. The sale of agricultural produce is a significant aspect of this and it is difficult to get buyers for them.

The economic environment makes it tough to sell produce these days, but there’s always an opportunity. The internet has created an opportunity for farmers to export their products without having to leave their farm or endure long distances. Find out how this can help you sell more grain, maize, bee, and other agricultural crops at the best prices!

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